Eviction procedure

Eviction lawyer Alicante – Murcia – Valencia

Court eviction procedure can take 4 to 6 months (2022). There are a couple of alternatives should you want a faster result :

eviction lawyer alicante

A – For one, negotiating with the tenant to leave early in exchange for not pursuing her/him in court. A lawyer´s scaring letter could be a start.

B – Then, some new enterprises have popped up in 2020 which use expedite and sometimes spurious methods, albeit for a pricey tag, that entail instilling some kind of fear in the tenant leading to her/his vacating the premises in a short period of time.

C – Yet the most legal and common method is filing a court eviction lawsuit, only with a lawyer (the same goes with the tenant: if she wants to defend or contest the eviction she must hire a lawyer, cannot intervene by herself in court).

What can the landlord claim ?

The landlord can ask in general for unpaid rent and eviction too. However, each case is different and you should explain to us the circumstances surrounding your case. In addition, unpaid utilities, property damages and lawyer’s fees…

Non resident landlord

If you are abroad, you do not have to be present in Spain, we can handle the eviction by ourselves after you grant us a power of attorney.

Internet misinformation

There has been some false information circulating on the web for a while regarding the impossibility to evict squatters or a mother with a baby…They are not true and eviction most likely will take place according to law if the proceedings are handled appropriately.

Arguments and communications between landlord and tenant

The interactions, messages and prior notices that you exchange with the tenant are important as some might have legal effect on the eviction proceeding, hence better to contact a lawyer to know how to legally carry out these communications.

Tenant´s rights

Tenants have rights such as having a suitable apartment for living purposes. Hence, by law, landlords are obligated to fix, at their expense, problems related to basic human living conditions (hot water, window broken…).

Court hearing before the judge and actual physical eviction by the police

After the court hearing, (scheduled usually 2-4 months after the filing of the lawsuit, depending on whether the tenant has answered the latter), and if the landlord wins, another date (usually a month later to give time for the tenant to vacate voluntarily) is set for the police to show up and by force evict the tenants and their belonging to the street.

The lock must be changed at your expense, at the same time, not later.

Eviction successful but money still owed

In this case we will have to follow up in the same court with a collection proceeding on the basis of the judge´s favorable eviction decision to look for assets, bank accounts, car, salaries…that the tenant(s) might hold, if any.