Digital nomad visa Spain 2023

digital nomad visa spain

The Kingdom of Spain since January 2023 offers the DIGITAL NOMAD visa as an immigration option.

What is considered a “digital nomad” under Spanish immigration law ?

A digital nomad* is someone that has been working at least 3 months for a foreign based company and wants to move by herself or with her family to the sunshine Kingdom to continue working for that company:

  • via long distance computer (services)
  • or because she can work phisically (labor) from Spain for that foreign company AND relay her work by computer.


– Be a graduate, postgraduate or vocational trainee from a reputable university or school or have at least 3 years of professional experience

– Criminal record** ( this includes fingerprints ) – For US and Canada citizens this can take a while. If you are applying from Spain the fingerprinting can be arranged at the Spanish national police – (Policía Nacional) and then sent to your home country for processing.

– Proof of economic means or income : First family member > about 30,000€ per year

Second family member > add 11,250€ per year

Per each additional family member > add 3,750€ per year

– Contract a health insurance policy in Spain

– That the company for whom you work has been active at least 1 year and allows you to work long distance…

Although these are the main requirements additional documents may be needed depending on each case.

The visa will be issued for 1 year or up to 3 years if you apply from Spain.

Regarding your future income tax declaration…you would still file them in your home country. If you derive some other type of income from Spain, not related to your work such as rents, dividends… you would file them in Spain in a non-fiscal residence declaration.

Also, if you plan to bring your automobile to Spain with you…there is a deadline to file for exemption for vehicle import taxes, which is 2 months from moving to Spain (although if done within a year you still qualify for major exemption).

*The Digital nomad visa is available only to non European nationals

**Criminal records can be expunged or cleared