Digital nomad visa Spain

During 2022 we have come across press articles stating that the Kingdom of Spain is among the few countries that have enacted laws issuing digital nomad visas. As a specialized immigrant law firm we can assure you that that is not true. Spain does not have such a law (as of Oct. 2022).

Further, the one type of visa that allows immigrants to settle in Spain without working here, which is called the “Non-Lucrative visa” or “residence without the right to work” is currently being revamped, if not expressly by a new law, at least by SOME Spanish consulates and/or Immigration Office (Extranjería), whereby its civil servants are asking the Non-Lucrative applicants to PROVE that, if granted such a residence by the Spanish authorities, they will not be working long distance from their computers in Spain.

It is unclear whether these government inquiry actions fall into the immigration law’s purview for the reason that the Non-Lucrative immigrant is forbidden from taking a job from a company or employer based in Spain. But the law does not say that you cannot work online for a foreign employer and consequently pay taxes in another country…

Summarizing, the way to come live in Spain and work here from your computer (in hiding) for somebody abroad is obtaining a Non-Lucrative residence. But it remains to be seen if it is illegal, as the Immigration Department claims.